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Provo, UT

About the company

 Prendus is an online learning platform for students based. We're a tech startup and are based out of the McKay building, but we're not a subsidiary of BYU. Prendus helps students learn from writing questions, not just answering them. This engages higher levels of thinking and helps students learn material more thoroughly and develop critical thinking. These questions go into a class repository, after which students answer and evaluate one another's questions.


As a company, our goal is to perfect the product and get it into as many classrooms as possible, because it can revolutionize the way we learn. As a tech startup, working at Prendus brings potential for making a massive impact.

Company culture

 We have a pretty chill and straightforward culture. All of us are either recent graduates or almost finished with our degrees (from bachelor's to PhD), and we're a tight-knit group. Startup life is challenging, and we work hard, but we also respect that work is never top priority. Family and faith both outrank it for us.

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