Q: My project is going to be perfect for a student's portfolio. Is this sufficient payment?

A: Each student knows what kind of work will best promote his/her skills, so the offer of “a portfolio piece” is insufficient. Payment is always appropriate, and should be agreed upon before starting the project.

Q: Is offering a student "real world experience" sufficient payment?

A: Our students are talented and busy, most are already employed, and they have sufficient opportunities to perform their trade in real world situations. Please be respectful in your offers to compensate students.

Q: How do you feel about Design "Contests?"

A: Contests are a form of "spec" or speculative work, or doing work without client communication with only a hope of compensation.

From the AIGA's position on spec work (AIGA is the Professional Association for Design):

"Spec work presents risks to both the client and the designer:
    - Clients risk compromised quality as little time, energy and thought can go into speculative work, which precludes the most important element of most design projects—the research, thoughtful consideration of alternatives, and development and testing of prototype designs.
    - Designers risk being taken advantage of as some clients may see this as a way to get free work
    - There are legal risks for both parties should aspects of intellectual property, trademark and trade-dress infringements become a factor."

Our students are encouraged to not devalue their profession and avoid giving away their work.

For more information on this topic, please read this article.
If you have further questions or would like a variance, please contact the Department Chair, Linda Reynolds.

Q: How does this site work?

A: Employers: Register, login, create an account, then a company information page.  After your company information page is created, you may start posting jobs.  All your job information is public. You will be notified by email when a student applies for a job.

Students: Register, login, create an account, then create a personal resume page.  Your page will be private, unless you apply for a specific job.  In that case, the employer will be notified by email that you have applied for a job.  The employer will then be able to view your personal resume page.


Q: Can MLMs post ads for their products here?

A: This is a Department of Visual Arts job board. Please keep the job listings relevant and useful by only posting jobs pertaining to the visual arts.