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Lead UI / UX Designer


American Fork, UT

Posted November 13, 2017

  • Full-time
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Design



  • Over ⅔ of the US workforce is disengaged at work. This tremendous issue not only leads to a lower level of productivity, but it impacts the lives of millions whose hearts, frankly, aren’t in their chosen professions. In their souls, they can feel there is a greater purpose and opportunity out there, but the fear of the unknown and change prevents them from making a move.
  • As one who lives their passion on a daily basis, we expect you of all people understand the power that comes from being fully and whole-heartedly engaged in one’s work, every day.
  • Ampogee’s mission is to Make Work Matter, and build technology that will enable millions, if not billions of people to connect with work that matters to them, to find that level of engagement you and I enjoy each and every day.
  • Envision a future where any individual can understand both their passions and their strengths at any given time, and instantly connect with opportunities that perfectly match their preferences. Our goal is to drive the transaction cost of switching for individuals to zero, eliminate the fear of the unknown through transparency, and make it so organizations can dynamically acquire the resources they need to tackle their toughest business challenges and organically grow into the talent they need to help them get there.
  • We are currently focused on making this magic happen in manufacturing, an industry severely underserved historically, and ripe for disruption.
  • We need you to join our team, consume and contribute to our vision, and then help us make it a reality. Our team has a clear sense of where we want to go, and we need you to create and lead the experience that will get us there.

Who we’re looking for

  • You are an insanely talented UI / UX designer that has a knack of transforming impossibly complicated ideas into clear and simple meaning, relatable to any individual, and easily digestible.
  • Creating world-changing ideas doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t mean we can take a long time to get there. We have to move swiftly to discover the ideas that won’t work so we can get to the ones that will. We expect you to lead our team’s pace, and provide prototypes measured on the order of minutes and hours, as opposed to days and weeks.
  • You understand quick prototyping as a way to gain buy-in and alignment, and that it’s the first step in moving towards a final design.
  • You are comfortable with all the prototyping tools (from a simple whiteboard sketch to Balsamiq) to high fidelity design (Sketch, writing actual HTML & CSS templates for developers).
  • We expect you to bring a strong perspective to every conversation, and have rationale and reason behind every decision you make based off either research, past experience, or industry best practices. With that said, we also expect you to be patient with the team as we get up to speed with your expertise, and to be humble enough to give rational consideration to our feedback.
  • You have a strong sense of process, and you know what excellent looks like. You can help mesh the best practices you’ve learned in industry and theory with the way our team operates.
  • You have a keen eye for detail, and appreciate the little things, like how the colors ripple in a material design wave button or the subtle typographic changes added to all text in iOS 11. You’ll bring that attention to our solutions. On this note, we expect the right candidate will have read this entire job description--include the word “pineapple” in your intro email subject line to get fast tracked through our process.
  • The only credentials we care about is that you are an expert in doing the things listed above. Graduating summa cum laude from the Rhode Island School of Art is a fantastic data point, but what’s more important in our eyes is how well you work with our team, and the caliber of work you consistently deliver. Results speak much louder than words.

Responsibilities include

  • On your first day, you’ll tie in with the team to understand the vision and the current project roadmap.

  • You’ll connect with the development team, and immediately start working with them on the current top priorities in the roadmap

  • You’ll take the next top priorities, provide rapid prototypes, syndicate direction with the team, and iterate based on feedback to a final design.

  • Depending on the project, your final designs may come in the form of digital assets or writing (a small amount) of  actual code.

  • Overall, we foresee your role being 85% design, 10% QA, 5% code. We want you to not only know how to create an incredible user experience, but also know how to help validate the effectiveness of our designs.

  • Eventually, your responsibilities will expand to include

    • Create a unified mobile and web experience through standardized components, brand, and style guide

    • Lead product design for all current and future products

    • Direct user experience across all platforms, meaning both the look and feel

Skills needed

  • A well-rounded UX/UI professional who connects the dots between business needs, innovation and good design

  • Passionate about understanding (and keeping the team and clients in formed about) current and emerging UX/UI trends

  • Mobile, responsive design experience, dashboards, creatively and clearly present data

  • Gaming, familiar with game design principles, how to create engaging user experience

  • Ability to build beautiful prototypes in HTML and CSS, familiarity with jQuery, D3, HighCharts, or Angular

  • Bonus points for knowledge/experience in animations, Angular 4, Ionic 3, Open Badges, Jira, Confluence


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